Sunday, 6 October 2013

Our Tribe

Our Tribe are a family of four, for now...
We are a thirty something and a twenty something, married with two boys currently both under three.  Trying to achieve the god life in the city.  We strive to beat the commercial powers, not by avoiding them, but by using them for our benefit rather than their's. Dad, M, the thirty something works full time for the man, come the weekend, DIY potterer, gardener, countryside loving punk. Mum, C,the twenty something, is a full time stay at home mam and housewife, bargain hunter, cuisine experimenter, and crafter.  And the boys, B and I are bundles of energy, bottomless pits and comedy geniuses.  
This blog will over time detail our adventures, how we entertain ourselves and the kids.  Our shopping exploits and how we combat the rapidly inflating cost of modern day life.  We will share our ideas for gifts, days out, and the ways we find to cut the cost of the more mundane parts of life.

As a family we home grow as much of our own fruit and veg as our plot allows, we are venturing into the world of home brew.  This is something new that we only started in the last week (although we have experience of out parents doing so when we were children), so if you follow us you will be a part of that journey from the beginning.  We try to be eco-friendly, upcycling, reusing and recycling wherever we can.  We cloth bum our children, avoiding disposable wipes, nappies, and liners.  We compost all our peelings and food waste, that is where any left overs exist that cannot be used for further meals or are polished off by the insatiable appetites of the boys.

We will not only share our recipe ideas for frugal feeding, but also some of the places that you can buy the ingredients at reasonable prices.

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