Friday, 9 June 2017

A Tale of the Fuzzy Daddy.

A while back I asked my friend who runs her own Personalised gift and clothing business to come up with a set of appreciative t-shirts for father day for M. As you can see M has a MASSIVE beard. It is a mega thing that he keeps the beard. You see when he shaves he looks about 12 and much younger than me! As he has a few years on me I can't cope with people thinking we are the same age!

These tops were made by Sarah over at Little Miss B's Boutique.

From the moment I enquired about them to the moment I got them she could not be more helpful. I don't like the usual round necked T-shirt style, Sarah was quick to show me all the styles I could pick from and finally I settled on the V-neck which wasn't low cut. Next i wanted to find out which colours we could have, Sarah sent me colour charts and I decided to have classic black and white. The invoice came quickly so there was no doubt on the order getting done, Don't you just hate when people are all thank you for your order but I wont invoice you for ages, making you second guess if they still know you are ordering.

The tops were done quickly and ready to be picked up or sent out (I decided to pick them up as a catch up with the lovely Sarah was long over due)

I loved the tops so much I just could not keep them under wraps for another week, so i gave them to M as soon as he got home from work. They were good quality fabric and done with HTV vinyl. They seem hard wearing and not flimsy in the least they will last us years unless the boys grow out of them.

I really love that I was able to get a matching top to the boys. As a boy mama it is so hard to find matching family sets which aren't just daddy/son, I like to be included, anyone who knows our family know we love to match.

So Thank you Sarah we will be ordering again.

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