Saturday, 17 June 2017

10 Things Our Tribe are loving at the moment.

This last week has been pretty hectic so here is a quick blog of the 10 things Our Tribe loves at the moment:

1. The Quayside.
We are so lucky to live so near to the Newcastle quayside which is on the banks of the river Tyne. On nice days we love to have a wander down and soak in the atmosphere from the Baltic Centre for Contemporary Art to the quirky cafes on the Newcastle side, the quayside is definitely a hit for all the family. Here is our video of the Millennium Eye Bridge from our last walk down that way.

2. Ginger Pepsi   
My parents were recently on holiday and got given some free Ginger pepsi. We don't drink much pop but this was a hit that will be bought for a treat night.

3. Half and half .
This is small cod with Langoustine's and chips. 
It is amazing and cooked fresh to order. 

4.Warm summer nights. 
The ones in which you can relax in the garden with cold drink.
Our garden fence is still not completely up, it should be by the end of the summer. 
Best thing we did was to flatten the back garden which wasn't useful for anything.

5.Summer strolls along the beach at South Shields.
We are yet again so lucky to be a short drive from the beach. 
The North East of England really does have a lot to offer a young family.
Our Boys love a paddle in the Sea and love making sand angels.
It's somewhere they can relax after school and us after work.

6. Funny things our boys ask:

I drove my mum to the chemists after school pick up, it is a well known British chemists.
The conversation went like this:
B- where are you going grandma?
My mum- just into boots to pick something up...
My mum was gone 5 minutes getting what she needed.
B- grandma you know shoe where about is it?
My mum - shoe?
B- you know that place you've just been..
My mum - oh do you mean boots?
B- I am sure it is called shoe 

And now for my favourite.
B- Dad which day is pancake day?
M- Tuesday.
B- which Tuesday?
M- Shrove Tuesday.
B-  when's Shrove Tuesday?
M- Day before ash Wednesday.

7. Our New T-shirts from Little Miss B's Boutique.
We love Matching Clothes.
These T-shirts are our favourite at the moment.
You can read our blog here.

8. Penshaw Monument.
This is great for tiring our boys out.
Nice steepish hill to race up and down.
We really are lucky to live in the North East and have these things a short drive away.

9. Gardening.
We love our garden.
At the back is our sitting area and our side garden is our veg plot.
(The front needs a lot of work)
We are loving watching our garden grow lovely fresh veggies. 
(This picture is off about a month ago)

10. Kirkharle.
We love a walk around their Lake.
The boys love the bridges over the little streams. 
We always go on days where it is a bit chilly/windy it seems but we don't mind wrapping up.

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