Friday, 6 March 2015


The last three weeks have been a blur of hospital appointments and dropping the boys off with my parents or B at school then driving to appointments or dropping M at work.
Today how ever was normal... I've craved for a "normal" day in so long.
These last three weeks have been a strict schedule, one in which we have had to stick to. Today how ever was a free day. Tribe Wardle has never ran to a timetable as much as we have in the last few weeks. It felt nice to be organised but the free spirited girl inside of me screamed out to be given a little free reign.
Today we have shopped, visited family, had some television time and cooked.  It felt amazing!
During the last three weeks we have tried to keep things normal for the kids, but lets face it our lives possibly wont be "normal" again.
So here is my big question, I ask daily, How as a mother and a wife do i keep family life normal when our world we have known is falling apart?
I doubt I will ever know the answer to this and am sure many nights it will keep me awake.
A week on Monday M goes in for Lemtrada treatment. It's scary in the fact he will be patient number 4 But on the other hand exciting for what it declares to offer. The wife in me is desperate to find the answers of how to keep M up beat and positive, the mother in me is worried about a full week of the children at nighttime without M's support and how to keep the children happy without their Dad who is their world and hero.
It is so hard being a wife and a mother so I ask this of you Please keep Tribe Wardle in your Prayers and please send all good vibes this way. Please pray that I find the answers to do my family proud, when the biggest motivator our family has is receiving treatment. M isn't just a dad or husband he is all our best friend and the head of our family who we look daily to for guidance.
And finally please pray our family finds its new normal, which we find comfort in.

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