Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Live Life Like You Mean It!

We are definitely the type of family that gets an idea and runs with it, We were always the type of family that lived life to the full and did things fast!
As many people know me and M knew each other a while. Then on a night out he kissed me and time stood still and changed forever... now that sounds romantic and very movie like but none the less so very true. We were engaged with in three months and had signed for buying a house together... It felt right! at five months M had decided he wanted children with me (at the bottom of the Eiffel tower!) and by the time we had been together just over a year i was pregnant. B came and we got married ... life didn't stop there as we went on to extend our house and when the extension was complete for a month we welcomed II into our family...
Yes things could of went wrong, but with a lot of work and dedication to each other our family works. We make sure we respect each other and serve each other.
Looking back on the past six years I can't believe we have fitted so much in.
Sitting in bed though tonight am so very grateful we have, two boys asleep (one cuddled into me), a life in the fast lane for sure but no regrets .
Talking to a friend about things and her saying it put life into perspective what Tribe Wardle is going through has hit something deep in side me. We were a young family living a normal, maybe quick and filled life. The morning M had his relapse, that has triggered his treatment this week, We woke up, got ready , I kissed M goodbye at the end of the road he went off on his bike and i walked B to school... We did not want this to happen , these things happen to "other people", whom ever they are! but those "other people" that day just happened  to be M/us.
So dear readers, Live life like you mean it, Don't put off until tomorrow and most of all LOVE, Love like you mean it and never go to bed on a cross word and without telling your loved ones you love and adore them.
All this is wrote from a person who cant turn over in bed and cuddled up to her husband and say "I Love you," before turning their light off for the night like I normally do, Roll on Friday to get M back home.

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