Saturday, 3 June 2017

It's taken a year and a half but here we are!

We haven't blogged in so long, life has been super busy so let us fill you in.
In 2015 M was made redundant so we took the leap to set up our own business, it has taken time and hard work to sort out all the different bits but we are finally there.
M is doing amazing zero relapses and has only 34 blood test left. Doctors are happy how he is progressing and he has a MRI in a few weeks to make sure it is not just outward stability.
New to the boys and M is the return of the love and enjoyment of rugby in this house. M has started coaching at the club where we have joined the boys to play. Happy Sunday mornings of wearing two active boys out is much welcome! It also shows how well M is doing health wise.

Our boys are now 4 and 6. I do not know where time has gone and littlest Wardle is starting school in September. Our boys love in no particular order, mountain climbing, rugby, gardening, movies and dressing up. We have had many a trip to A & E with cut open heads, suspected broken bones and of course a swallowed coin (at 4 we thought mini Wardle wouldn't of declared late at night that he had found a 50p and had swallowed it, gladly it turned out to be a 5p!!!)
Our little guys are rough and tumble and full of life, we wouldn't want them any other way.

Life for me is busy I spend my time on school run and under a layer of paperwork.

We are still on our journey to figuring out why I miscarried and haven't succeeded in falling pregnant again. We, may I state, are very happy with our two boys, we are so very lucky to have them and have found out how much so since on the fertility route.

Me and M decided last year to replace our kitchen. What started out as replacing our kitchen, ended up with knocking out walls, changing windows in to doors, removing 50 ton of mud from our back garden, a pizza oven inserted into the garden and our living room and dining room swapped around. Not to mention all of the other things we updated here, but we will leave that to another blog to explain.

We have done a bit of travelling which included a trip to Dublin last summer and many more which we may blog about in the coming weeks.

Now I need to explain why we haven't blogged in so long and let me explain. When M was having his treatment we blogged most days, this kept us going through the hard weeks and it let us not have to explain his situation to friends and family. After his treatment we needed to come to terms with the whirlwind shock of hearing what his medical issue was. We took time to have fun as a family and build up his movements.

On Thursday I was out with a friend who also blogs. She asked why she hadn't seen any posts in so long from us and well I didn't know how to answer. There is no reason but now we are back and hope to carry on from where we left off.

So here we are back and ready to write again.

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