Sunday, 27 December 2015

A Round Up Of The Year

So here it goes...
This year hasn't Traditionally gone to "plan". Plans were made to be broken and the bigger plan of life was ready to kick the tribe up the bum and give us a good shake up

So we will start in January when we were told having more children would take fertility treatment for us to get pregnant and keep the baby. It's not the best thing to hear and the tablets we got were not the most pleasant things to take, hormones and my body don't mix!

February brought excitement and apprehension... I decided to do an intense driving course and resulted in passing my test on the 9th. One hurdle we had to get through that week was the all important Ms neurologist specialist appointment, which my darling M had. The 11th came and we faced the inevitable news that what was going on was indeed Multiple sclerosis. Tears were shed but what was to follow during the next week or so was unexpected and hard to deal with.
the week of the 15th M has a relapse leaving him unable to walk. His leg felt heavy and unable to work in the way it had done for the last 35 years. what followed was a test of family strength which we were yet to understand we had. M under took a course of steroids and was able to function with his leg in a way which was a bit easier. After some intensive physiotherapy  M was back to full strength minus his occasional tired/bad days. That week we found out he was in that 50% of people who were most at risk from his intended treatment, a blow which hit us hard. That month I must add at this point was only gotten through by a beautiful soul of a lady whom was M's MS nurse called Barbara, she brought new hope with every blow we were dealt, being positive that this would all be a distant memory of scared times. She recommended M started a treatment called alemtuzumab which he started within a month of his diagnosis.

March Brought M's treatment and a blow that we had to stop trying to extend our family, the hurt of stopping the fertility treatment was dulled with the hope to have a better over all outcome for our family. Nine months on and our forfeit of more children seems small as M's relapses stay away and our boys blossom with a father able to build his strength up to what it had been.

April ,May, June and July brought changes to our families way of life. We couldn't have take outs or eat out and every meal had to be monitored to reduce the risk of listeria as M's treatent left him with a reduced immune system..

End of July brought the end of the four month strict diet, we kept to it as much as possible after but a holiday was quickly booked and having lobster by the seaside in North Berwick has to be up there with one of those most life changing experiences of appreciating everything we have, and the face value of beautiful family moments.

August brought My birthday one more birthday now until the big 30! I feel I need to use the, now, last year and half wisely and for fill some pinterst goals I long to complete.

Our Biggest change happened in September when Master Wardle the elder started Reception... I'm sure I was holding him saying  "Oh wow, look at what we created" merely a blink in time ago.
One of the most uneventful months was October not much to report but that was fine by us!

Now November was a shake up month, lets say, a month in which like February/ March made us reassess life as we lived it. M was made redundant and as they go I wont go into it but it made us realised we need to see what would make M most happy. Two months off and looking for the perfect situation to make him happy, it was!

In those two months we have reconnected as a family, M has bonded one on one with II our youngest in a way which wasn't possible when he worked full time and we had another child around (B at school meant one on one time with II).

December brought a beautiful meaningful Christmas run-up which included activities with the kids and a few date lunches so me and M could find our feet as a married couple again which can get lost in the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

So we are going into 2016 ready to fight another round of treatment for M in March a little wiser about the way the world works and a little more realistic on what life can hold for us.
Realistic isn't a scary word, the world still holds no limits but as a family we know what our limits should be and to be honest that is more than OK with us!

2016 bringing the hope that we will stay connected as a family in the busy day to day running of our lives and know when to stop and enjoy the now.

We have learnt who is by our sides every step of the way, people we least expected and of course our loyal friends which we did (this will have no hatefulness as we believe everyone has been so kind this year).

 So thank you for sticking by us and we hope you are around in 2016 to see the bigger plan in which we believe is the next step of our road in this life.

"He has made everything beautiful in it's time" - Ecclesiastes 3:11

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