Friday, 27 February 2015

Off topic posts

I am going to be creating a side blog to document my progress (m writing here)  through my diagnosis and treatment of multiple sclerosis. This blog will continue, but the side blog will be at ms journey
My hope is this will help other people in a similar situation and those close to them, giving hope and what I now hope will be a positive outcome to what started as a very scary and negative time.
Coming soon will be the story of my journey so far from obliviously symptom free (as far as I can tell) through diagnosis to where I am today, waiting to start disease modifying treatment in 2 weeks.
Ms is a disease with a very bad reputation, but bear in mind you only hear the extreme cases, people who have it deal with it and get on with life you will probably never hear about and will never know they have ms. Please follow and read this blog to get another viewpoint.

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