Monday, 3 November 2014

Count Your Blessings... (catch up included)

So after not blogging to much as life has been hectic, We are back with this blog...
Every time I think of my life a song comes into my head, it doesn't matter if life is hard , bad, good, exciting or trying i think this song sums up everything, Count your blessings.

So as many people know we have had three miscarriages this year. Well we have been for a few appointments at the hospital to find out why... and so far the only thing tests are bringing up is that we shouldn't of/ cant get pregnant with out medical help... as sad as miscarriages and the prospect of not having more children is I can't help but feel massively blessed to have our boys...
along the route of this trying year we have became stronger as a couple and kept the mind set of having a path we are on and this is only part of it , there must be something in the bigger plan of life for us!
So Wednesday should of been my due date of the middle miscarriage and i will be sad that day but this year is nearly over and were ending it on a high! 

On Sunday Isaac was christened ... All of our family and friends gathered at St.Marys our local Church Of England Church which we got married in 3 and half years ago and had B christened two years ago in. It was a beautiful service , it was very spiritual and just what our Family needed.

(our lovely Godparents and Isaac )

After the service we went to Eslington Villas our favourite place to eat for these special occasions... it was a perfect Sunday afternoon with friends and family , the food was amazing , the wine and bubbly was flowing and i don't think the Wardles have ever felt so loved as we did yesterday. 

I can only Say we will count Yesterday, Our Friends & family as a huge Bless on our path as Tribe Wardle.

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