Friday, 12 September 2014

Summer is over!!!

If like us you have a child of nursery age you will have completed your first week (maybe second) of being back in a routine after the summer.
B started back at his nursery this week and has moved from afternoon to mornings, the chance in the household routine has been amazing! Everyone is up/to bed early and things in the house are finally slotting into place .

So on to summer! We haven't posted over summer as we have been having to much fun with the children. and sometimes life is for living. I will try to round up our best bits and doing other blogs on summer musts.

The Wardle summer has included up and down parts...will do sad first then move on to the excitement of summer.
Mid August Wardle tribe had a third miscarriage. We wont go into ins and outs but lost of child whether womb or earth side is a terrible thing to process, early or late miscarriages happen to a lot of people in the world and statistics say 1 in 4 pregnancies will end in miscarriage but scientists think it is more than likely it could be 50% and that some are early to detect... This dear readers is why we haven't posted as much, this year has been hard, but with our family and friends we have picked ourselves up and are ready to blog you through autumn.

So for the fun bit Wardle summer has included (some) sun filled fun, ice cream, castles, sand pits, fish and chips and a lot of just being the Wardles.

We have had walks and trips to some fabulous places and will do some separate posts on places you can visit for family fun.
We will leave you with this summery picture with the promise of we will be back and on your screens more and more over the next few weeks.

Tribe Wardle x

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