Saturday, 19 April 2014

Taking Time Out!

Today we had a bank appointment in Newcastle so Grandparents took the boys out for the day.
Time alone! I truly believe all parents need time out together and alone. This week M has been away with work so it is extra needed "Mammy and Daddy" time together...

After the bank appointment we decided to do a few of our favourite things:

Coffee and Cake in Olive and Bean, is always a must, whether it is take out of sitting in, today we relaxed and sat people watching in the window.  The cakes, an Easter cheesecake and a cranberry and white chocolate flapjack.

A walk around the shops and the Grainger market gave us the opportunity to pickup some nice seafood and fruit.  We do love the market for the seafood, the meat, fruit and veg, material, cheeses, tea and coffee,the list is endless.  All served up by local businesses, and mostly sourced locally.

A perfect morning in town was completed by a walk along the quayside home in the sunshine.  Much needed relaxation and time together as a couple.

We dont often visit the city centre, but after today's visit we are planning on more visits on a weekend, its a lovely walk, and a morning well spent.

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