Friday, 18 April 2014

A Christmas gift that just keeps on giving part 1

At Christmas we were asked what we would like as gifts, so we asked for a years membership to somewhere we could go to and use as a family.

English heritage is the first gift we will cover. we got this off a family member and this such a giving present, as we strive to make an adventure for our children this is a perfect present to do .

English heritage has a large number of sites all over the country, from castles and ruins to gardens and stately homes.  Membership gives you free entry to all of them, and if your on holiday in foreign lands, the Scots and Welsh offer discounted or free entry into their nation heritage sites dependent on the length of your membership.

The first EH site we visited was Tynemouth castle and priory.  A local site with a lot of history.  I wont go into the full history of the site, but suffice to say it covers the development of Christianity in the northeast at the times of Cuthbert and Bede, right through to the World Wars.

It is a beautiful location on the coast between the mouth of the Tyne (you never would have guessed by the name) and King Edward's bay, a small sheltered cover with high cliffs and pristine sand.  and offers views to the south of the south banks of the tyne and the Mediterranean like beaches of south shields down to the cliffs of Whitburn and Souter light house; and to the north St Mary's light house and the wind farms near Blyth.

It was a fantastic day out, and a great spot for a picnic, plus we had the opportunity for our first full family photo while on a day out thanks to a friendly passing american tourist.

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