Thursday, 19 March 2015

In One Piece...

Wow! Tomorrow is Friday!
This week has flown, not that am surprised. Everyday I have been up between 6-6:30. If  you know me, you will know M normally has to drag me out of bed, but i guess i always had a reason to stay in bed all warm and snug. So every morning this week I have got myself showered, hair and make up done then the fun came. two boys up and ready (with breakfast in them)before 8am to get II to my parents and then B to school... i can gladly say I've normally been out and up at parents by 8 with time for a cuppa with my parents before my busy day.
After I drop B at school I nip down the by pass on to the A19 and down the chester road, some days it hasn't been an enjoyable drive. Once at the hospital armed with magazines to keep M from going crazy and food so he doesn't starve I have a good few hours with him before nipping to town for lunch if going back or home for lunch and cuddles with the boys... In the afternoons i have been doing housework and getting things for M before getting back through Sunderland for 6pm visiting... 8pm comes and I wizz home to B asleep and II on the way. I do not know how I would of managed with out my parents this week, once they head home i grab a bite to eat and sort things for the next day.
So much respect goes to single parents, I have found it hard making decisions alone and sorting the boys on my own. I think it boils down to doubting myself and relying on M to encourage my decision are right. I think I have grown in confidence this week so it has its plus points! But roll on M being home, without hospital visits it will make life easier.

So Friday M should come home, Infusion for four hours then obs for a few hours then I get to bring him home... I will be wrapping him in cotton wool and be making him rest.

But most of all I can not wait to see the boys faces when they see their daddy, their hero is home!

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