Thursday, 6 November 2014

Cute Table Number Blocks

For Isaac's christening Sunday dinner we had four tables and needed to seat everybody around said tables. With 40 people to seat with minimal effort we decided to do cubes/blocks with numbers transferred on along with pictures of Isaac.

We have some beams left over from the extension so we decided to make one into cubes... and transfer the pictures on this is how we did it:

  • Cut beams into cubes.
  • Sand cubes until smooth.
  • Print photos on to normal paper.
  • Put modge podge on to wood and paper.
  • Put paper photo side down.
  • Leave to dry over night.
  • Rub paper off with a wet cloth until you can see photo.
  • Leave to dry a while.
  • Then cover with some modge podge and jobs a good un.

End Result 

These worked well and we have them to keep as decoration in our house/ for the boys to play with.

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